Ever since Ben Affleck came onto the scene, he's been the butt of more than a few jokes. When Colorado Parks and Wildlife saw an opportunity to make one, they did.

Ben attended the 2023 Grammy Awards with his (again) wife, Jennifer Lopez. At times he looked like the most unenthused person on the planet. The Internet was quick to make memes out of him, our own Colorado Parks and Wildlife didn't hold back, either.

Amy Sussman, Getty Images

Ben, Ben, Ben, it's like he doesn't know that the cameras are around, sometimes. Maybe he just has that kind of face that is prone to looking "unhappy." There was that time he was out promoting "Batman vs. Superman" and got caught looking so sad.

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When the camera caught Ben looking regretful and depressed at the Grammy Awards on Feb. 5, 2023, many were quick to get their jabs in.



It was fun to see our Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) get into the fun, too. They saw the shot at the Grammys and quickly put together their own meme. They took a more "he looks disappointed" approach to their jab:  


How good is that? Of course, CPW does not want any of us approaching wildlife at all, let alone touching wildlife. Keep your distance. Picture Ben's "sad Grammys" face the next time you even think about it.

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