It looks like Benzino unintentionally rekindled his old feud with Eminem.

On Wednesday (Feb. 23), the rapper-turned-reality star hopped on Twitter and responded to rapper Money Man’s since-deleted tweet that read, “I ain’t never listened to no Eminem.”

Benzino replied, “Nobody in my hood did.”

Benzino’s remark was reposted on Hollywood Unlocked’s Instagram account on Thursday (Feb. 24), which caused a tidal wave of hateful comments from Em fans who slammed the Boston rhymer for clout-chasing. Hours later, ’Zino jumped on Twitter to respond to his critics. In doing so, he also posted a 1988 Eminem song called “Foolish Pride,” which features the Detroit rapper dissing Black women.

“So here we go again. Just because I said nobody in my hood listened to the man who [made] an entire mixtape dissing black people, especially black women I get disrespected,” Benzino tweeted with a yawning emoji.

Benzino concluded that he doesn’t care about Eminem’s fans and boldly challenged anyone who doesn’t like him to square up.

"And let’s make this clear, idgaf about none of you idiots, all y’all gonna do is tweet me to death," he wrote. "I’m still Benzino, out here in every city including Detroit, if y’all gotta real problem with me, tell me in person, I’m not hard to find."

For those who may not know, Benzino’s beef with Eminem is two decades old. It started in 2002, when Eminem released The Eminem Show and it received a four-mic rating in The Source magazine, of which Benzino was the co-owner at the time. Eminem wasn't happy with the rating and felt that his project deserved five mics—“a classic” rating. Em then accused The Source and Benzino of not giving him a five-mic rating because of his race.

This sparked a diss-a-thon between the two rappers with several diss tracks aimed at each other. Benzino dropped “Pull Your Skirt Up” and “Die Another Day” aimed at Slim Shady while Em released “The Sauce” and “Nail in the Coffin.”

Benzino then acquired two dated Eminem songs: one purportedly recorded in 1993, on which Em uses a racial slur, and the 1988 song "Foolish Pride," on which Em disses Black women. Benzino publicized a few lyrics from the latter song on The Source’s website during their initial beef. Em then filed a restraining order against The Source co-owners Benzino and David Mays to stop them from publishing the full lyrics and/or the full song on their website.

They were able to publish snippets of the record.

Eminem would also apologize for his offensive lyrics on "Foolish Pride," stating that he recorded the song when he was a teenager out of anger after breaking up with his Black girlfriend.

The beef would later segue into a battle royale of rap feuds: Benzino and Ja Rule vs. Eminem and 50 Cent.

Although Benzino was willing to have an open conversation with Em so they could settle their differences, it never came to fruition.

And it looks like Benzino still has some animosity towards Eminem. However, his anger this time around is more aimed at the fans who continue to disrespect ’Zino whenever he brings up Em’s name.

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