From cookie baking to tree decorating to spending time with family, there's a lot to enjoy about the holidays — including movies.

There's nothing better than curling up on the couch as the snow falls, a cup of cocoa in hand, and watching holiday classics like A Christmas Story, It's a Wonderful Life, or Elf.

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However, one Christmas film is a cut above the others — at least according to Colorado.

Determining Colorado's favorite Christmas movie

Wishlisted recently hopped on Google Trends to see which holiday flicks U.S. residents are searching for the most.

They did limit their research to 25 movies from IMDb's compilations of the Top 100 Christmas Movies of All Time, so your obscure seasonal favorite might not be on the list.

Samira Rahi // Unsplash
Samira Rahi // Unsplash

Still, out of those 25 films, Colorado has a clear front-runner — and the rest of the country agrees with us.

Colorado's favorite Christmas movie is...

According to Wishlisted, Colorado residents will be watching National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation this holiday season. The 1989 hit was our favorite movie in 2021 too.

Our pick is also the most popular in the U.S., with nearly 80% of the country favoring the Clark Griswold blockbuster.

12 states disagree with us — their favorites include Die Hard, Edward Scissorhands, Gremlins, It's a Wonderful Life, The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Shop Around the Corner, and Love Actually.

Considering that National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation was filmed in Breckenridge, it makes sense that it's a Centennial State favorite. Check out 19 more movies filmed in Colorado in the gallery below.

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