Horsetooth Mountain is the gem of Fort Collins. It's an ideal destination for swimming, boating, rock climbing, and hiking ⁠— but which hikes should you try?

While there are many hikes throughout Horsetooth, the mountain features two main trails: Horsetooth Falls and Horsetooth Rock. The trails differ in difficulty and length, making each trek a unique experience.

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These factors all come into play when choosing the best hike for you. Let's break it down:

Horsetooth Falls

Visit Fort Collins calls Horsetooth Falls "one of the most family-friendly hikes" in the Choice City. You can hike it "out and back" or in a loop. Both routes will land you at the beautiful waterfalls, where you can dip your toes in the water and stop for a snack.

Courtesy of Google Street View.
Courtesy of Google Street View.

The former option is around 2.5 miles. According to Colorado Trail Explorer, the loop option is about 3.25 miles.

Horsetooth Rock

AllTrails describes Horsetooth Rock as "a moderately challenging" route that you can hike in around three hours. You don't need specialty gear for the trek, but it is long, rocky, and occasionally steep — 9News reporter Allison Sylte recommends bringing snacks, water, and good shoes.

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According to Colorado Trail Explorer, the hike is around 5 miles.

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