Bhad Bhabie is claiming she's made $50 million all due to her OnlyFans account.

On Wednesday (April 20), Bhad Bhadie hopped on Instagram Live and began venting to her 16.3 million followers about how she's being labeled.

"No, it's not something that I'm just, 'Oh yes, I'm so in love with being the girl that got famous for being on Dr. Phil and saying some crazy shit,'" she said. "No, that's not how I feel. So, of course I'd rather... Call me the youngest female of the decade to go platinum. Call me some shit like that. Like, there's way more things. Call me the fucking 'Gucci Flip Flops' girl, the 'Hi Bich' girl, the girl who got a million-dollar makeup deal, the girl who made over $50 million on fucking Only[Fans]. Call me whatever the fuck you want. But when you try to find a way to just be annoying about something, shit's kinda weird. You don't get what I mean?"

This is not the first time the 19-year-old human meme-turned-rapper has boasted about her earnings from her OnlyFans account, which has over 1 million likes. A week after she turned 18, Bhad Bhabie bragged about raking in over $1 million in six hours after opening an account on the content subscription service, which is popular for pornography and sex workers.

"Not bad for 6 hours we broke the fuck out of that onlyfans record," she wrote in the caption of a photo of what appears to be an OnlyFans invoice on Instagram.

XXL has reached out to OnlyFans for comment.

Bhad Bhabie isn't the only rhymer to open an OnlyFans account. In the past, artists like Cardi B, Tyga, Rubi Rose, Blueface and others have also had OnlyFans accounts.

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