Hold on to your hats with the little propeller them, this is going to be a big day of seeing some and buying some, fantastic old toys, games, and more.

'Nostalgia' will be the keyword on Saturday at The Ranch for the Timber Dan Toy Show,  a big fundraiser for Loveland Lions Club's eye projects,  Toys dating back to the 1920s will be on display from over 100 vendors.

We're talking a very large amount and a and a very large variety of things that make kids of all ages smile: Toys. Star Wars collectible, collectible dolls, G.I. Joe items, Hot Wheels & Matchbox cars, and more.

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I remember hanging out with my friends in the 70's; we'd use Tonkas (they'll be at the toy show) to move sand around so that our Matchbox cars could cruise around. Then, we'd play 'Star Trek' (Star Trek toys will be there) before taking a break with some instant Nestea (there won't be any instant Nestea.)

This is definitely going to be worth the $5 admission price. How many gifts will you be able to pick up for the holidays? Maybe you've been searching for that 'one' item to complete a collection. Maybe you've been wondering what to do with that 'spare room;' why not start a collection?

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The event will run for only six hours (9a-3p) so I am planning on showing up early to make sure I have enough time to see everything.

Get more on the event and ticket info from The Ranch HERE.

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