The AR-15 could possibly become the National Gun of the United States.

Lauren Boebert Co-sponsors Bill To Make AR-15 the National Gun

U.S. Representative Barry Moore (R-Alabama) has introduced a bill that would make the AR-15-style rifle the "National Gun of the United States." The bill has three co-sponsors including Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert and controversial New York congressman George Santos.

Here's What We Know About the Bill

So far, there is not a lot of information on the Congressional website about H.R. 1095. The bill only has a title - "To declare an AR-15 style rifle chambered in a .223 Remington round or a 5.56x45mm NATO round to be the National Gun of the United States." The bill has been referred to the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability.

Do We Need To Have A National Gun?

As Bruce Y. Lee pointed out on, the United States has a lot of national symbols - like a national bird, a national mammal, a national flower, and a national tree - yet we don't have an official national food or national hairstyle. Does our country really need to have an "official" gun?

Regardless of your views on the divisive topic of guns and gun control, it seems that even law-abiding gun owners like myself would be concerned about the idea of glorifying a semi-automatic weapon that has been used in so many mass shootings in this country. This has nothing to do with gun control or an American citizen's right to bear arms.

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A Little Respect For Victims and Their Families

To me, the idea of making the AR-15 America's national gun feels very disrespectful of the people whose lives have been needlessly and horrifically cut short by a weapon that is designed to kill people quickly. It also feels heartless and insensitive to the families of the hundreds of victims killed by AR-15s, whose hearts will never fully heal from the loss they have suffered.

It's just my view, but I am hoping that Rep. Boebert will look past her passionate crusade for gun rights, re-think this issue, and realize that making the AR-15 the national gun is a bad idea for America.

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