Lauren Boebert is Colorado's Representative from Colorado's Third Congressional District, who has done several videos, one of which, Jimmy Kimmel featured.

Jimmy Kimmel's street team recently went out with footage of Boebert's videos, but told the people on the street that they were Saturday Night Live skits; they wanted to know what they thought of SNL 'making fun of' the Representative.

One video has the clip of her calling for an investigation on many puppies were 'eaten alive on Fauci's watch.

The person on the street really liked how SNL got the look, hair, voice 'almost perfect.'

Another man also believed it was a production from Saturday Night Live:'s over the top, but that's what it's supposed to be, it's Saturday Night Live.

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Of course, the Kimmel staff do lead the people, enforcing their deception that it is an SNL skit:

..are you embarrassed to see Hollywood portray a congresswoman this way?

One woman was frustrated because she couldn't name the actress portraying Boebert, though they looked familiar.

Then, the Kimmel staff let the people know that it IS actually Boebert; the looks on their faces at that point are pretty amazing.

So, she really said that?

Pretty amazing.

The camera does love Representative Boebert, and the film quality is top-notch, so if someone who hadn't already seen the 'Bullet Points' video podcast from November 1, 2021, and just couldn't be positive that it's NOT a SNL cast member or guest star.. They might be inclined to say 'Yes, SNL killed it.'

The Kimmel Boebert Stunt starts at 5:30 in:

Here's the actual Boebert video from November 1:

Speaking of Hollywood - What it's Like to Fly There Out of Loveland:

Brian Larsen, from Westminster, posted his very first YouTube video in early November of 2021; a video about he and his wife's first flight on Avelo to fly out and see (what I suspect) are one of their kids and their spouses.

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