Some healthy northern Colorado residents took to the streets in the 2019 Boston Marathon on Monday, where early rainy conditions overshadowed the beginning of the famous race.

The end of the race was much different. One man, a marine literally dragged himself across the finish line. 25-year-old heart transplant recipient, Conor Sullivan ran in his first Boston Marathon this year. Also, we were inspired by our friends that laced up their running shoes and made the trek to Boston to represent northern Colorado.

A total of 39 finishers were from Fort Collins. Others from Loveland, Johnstown, Windsor and Wellington also completed the race. Seth Woodring of Fort Collins was the 202nd person to cross the finish line. Landing him at the top of the list of Northern Colorado residents in the race.

  • Check out the full list of results HERE

Fort Collins Top 10

  1. Seth Woodring, 21, 2:35.00
  2. Jake Arnold, 26, 2:47:52
  3. Michael Chavez, 33, 2:53:06
  4. Dylan Williams, 28 2:54:12
  5. Ryan Burch, 24, 2:54:45
  6. Terry Grenwelge, 44, 2:56:17
  7. Matthew Milde, 28, 3:11:03
  8. Cat Ogle, 28, 3:12:54
  9. Chelsey Heiden, 24, 3:17:59
  10. Peyton Hugate, 21, 3:20:23

Other Fort Collins finishers: Ryan Clarke, Travis Brown, Craig Depperschmidt, Tony Garcia, Gelsey Klein, Anna Wickersham, Charissa Kenny, Kipp Klein, Susan Cundiff, Kira Deming, Lesley Bodley, Marva Hewett, Joy Norris, Jacob Lia Ong, Todd Howe, Mary Shore,  Tina Lamers, Tina, Tracy Shagin, Mara Konopasek, Amy Hayes, Ashley Stoker, Melissa Conlon, Elizabeth Anderson, Krista Sidwell, Dan Berlin, Steven Wood, Cathy Kechter, Jerry Rank, Joe Horky.

Johnstown: Arnulfo Salazar Navarro.

Loveland: Michael Hinterberg.

Windsor: Eric Smith, James Cotter.

Wellington: Wayne Jensen, Tracey Jensen.

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