Last week in Wyoming, avid rock climber Janette Heung fell 400 feet while descending Pingora Peak on September 5, as reported by CBS Denver.

While climbing, a large rock fell and struck Heung's anchor, dislodging it, which caused Heung to go into a free fall before landing on her back.

Heung's climbing partner, Josh Digrugilliers, wrote in a discussion that, “Colin [a member of the climbing group] was pulling the rope from the first rappel when I heard him say ‘Rock.’ I did not see the rock strike the anchor but I heard the tensioned sling and webbing break. I saw Janette fall backward, no longer connected to anything.”

Keith Ganger is a Colorado Springs man who was climbing with another nearby group at the time of the accident. Ganger told CBS Denver, “She was so vibrant alive and happy to be standing on top of Pingora for a second time in a few days.”

Heung's group performed CPR for an hour and half before the helicopter arrived, according to CBS Denver.

Heung was an Assistant Director of Community Programs at the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research in Boulder and founded the OutdoorRx Collaborative in Denver.

A friend of Heung's started a fundraiser in her name to help keep future climbers safe.

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