A bold Boulder woman chased off a hungry mountain lion just before the big cat could grab her 25 pound dog. KDVR states the incident occurred on Feb 4 at approximately 8:30 p.m.

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The dog described as a 25 pound doodle was in the backyard going to the bathroom when the dog started frantically running and barking. Mere moments later, a mountain lion was seen chasing the dog. A Ring camera caught the incident on video.

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The woman, Erin Needham, instantly sprung into action to protect her dog by screaming and chasing away the mountain lion. Needham's actions, albeit dangerous, resulted in the prevention of the attack on her dog.

The Ring video shows the mountain lion appear about 30 seconds into the video:

Colorado Parks and Wildlife state that there have been three reports of dogs being attacked by mountain lions in the same neighborhood since mid January.

What You Should do if you Encounter a Mountain Lion

  • Do not approach a mountain lion. Mountain lions will do their best to avoid a confrontation, so be sure to give them a way to escape the situation.
  • Stay calm and move slowly. When talking to a mountain lion, do so calmly, yet firmly.
  • Stop or back away slowly. Do not run from a mountain lion as this could kick in the mountain lion's instinct to chase and attack.
  • Acts of aggression. If the mountain lion is acting aggressive throw stones, sticks, or whatever you can grab without crouching or turning your back.
  • Be bigger. Raise your arms, open your jacket. Be bigger than you appear.
  • If you're attacked. If you are being attacked by a mountain lion, fight back however you can.

Source: KDVR

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