Bow Wow tried to ask out AEW wrestler Jade Cargill on a date this week but was immediately rejected.

On Monday (Oct. 31), Bow Wow hit up Twitter with a series of tweets expressing his interest in being the next rapper to get involved with professional wrestling, specifically the All Elite Wrestling organization. During his lengthy pitch to step inside the squared circle, Bow Wow took the time out to shoot his shot at wrestler Jade Cargill, asking her out on a date. However, the current AEW TBS Champion wasn't here for it.

"After my first win, I just wanna take you out somewhere, [Jade Cargill]," tweeted the rapper.

Within less than an hour, Jade Cargill shut down Bow Wow's romantic advances swiftly and firmly, taking a jab at the Ohio-bred artist by implying that his bank account isn't up to her standards.

"You can't afford me, Bow," replied Jade. "Thanks but no thanks."

From there, Cargill responded to Bow Wow again with a tweet reading, "I'm just kidding. It was just a jokey joke," but after Shad's next response, Jade jumped right back into her wrestling heel ways.

"I def knew you was kidding when you brought up money," replied Bow Wow.

"I wasn't at all." Jade responded. "I know you are new to the wrestling world, but, uh, maybe you should use google more often. We rich rich, baby. Real life."

Never one to shy away from his own career accomplishments when faced with adversity, the Price of Fame spitter made an admirable attempt to check Jade's second pocket-watching remark. However, the AEW star brought her husband, former Major League Baseball player Brandon Phillips, and his bank account into the fray.

"You a 90s baby, J," replied Bow Wow. "I been getting money before you could put your first sentence together. You fine and all but don't crash out. Love you, baby."

"My man makes your bank look like Lil Bow Wow, baby," clapped back Jade Cargill. "Don't come for me. We have play dates with your money."

She continued: "It's all love though. I bought your tape when I was like 7. Like everyone did."

Despite the AEW TBS Champion's attempt at hitting Bow Wow where it hurts, the "Shortie Like Mine" rapper maintained his jokingly flirtatious tone, causing Jade to seemingly ease up a bit on the smoke.

"OMG Jade used to bump my shit," tweeted Bow Wow. "Aww, you got me over here blushing and shit."

"Everybody did, Bow Wow," replied Cargill, whose job is to maintain a "bad guy" persona. "I can't get out of character too much. Chill."

As the two wrapped up their entertaining social media exchange, Bow Wow took his "L" with grace, acknowledging that while Jade's rejection left him a little heartbroken, he has respect for her relationship with Brandon Phillips.

"[You] got me outta mine when I shot my shot," wrote Bow Wow in a final tweet. "I don't do that but I'ma respect the curve. I know [you] locked down so... Hurts my heart."

This isn't the first time in recent months that Jade Cargill has brushed up against hip-hop. Back in September, Jade and her AEW cohorts, The Baddie Section, were involved with an on-camera storyline that saw Trina turn on wrestler Diamante with a slap that has since gone viral.

As for Bow Wow, his exchange with Jade Cargill comes immediately on the heels of the rapper being called out by another AEW wrestler, Swerve Strickland. Swerve challenged the Ohio native to step in the ring with him during a recent interview with RJ City on AEW's YouTube show, Hey! (Ew)Bow Wow has expressed interest in diving into the world of professional wrestling dating all the way back to 2020.

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