In Colorado, you will only find five different types of turtles in the state. Four of those types of turtles are aquatic and don't venture far from water. The Ornate Box Turtle is a terrestrial turtle that can be found throughout the state.

One Western Ornate Box turtle was not so lucky and had an interaction with a car in Denver. This poor turtle was hit by the car but survived. Thankfully, this turtle did not suffer spinal, organ, or membrane injuries, which meant the turtle could undergo surgery.

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The veterinarian team at Colorado State Veterinarian Hospital has successfully performed the operation on the turtle and the hero in a half shell is now on the road to recovery. The turtle's shell is currently being held together by zip ties and what appears to be glue.

The recovery for the turtle will include pain medication and antibiotics. The Northern Colorado Wildlife Center Facebook page states that this procedure and recovery for the turtle will cost several hundred dollars. More information on the turtle and how you can help can be found below:

According to, the Western Ornate Box Turtle can grow up to 5-7 inches and live to be 40 to 60 years old.

Source: Northern Colorado Wildlife Center

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