This year, apparently, Santa is sporting a trendy Christmas sweater, black rimmed glasses and, in place of the traditional red and white fur-lined cap, a man bun. A man bun, people. 

'If you've been good this year, you'll get a brand new fixie, and I'll leave you a copy of the Bright Eyes Christmas album on vinyl in your stocking,' he said (probably), as the boys and girls of Portland waited in line to meet him. Because obviously this happened in Portland.

I heard about Hipster Santa because my friend Todd from K99 came into The X's studio and said, 'You know there is a Santa for people like you this year. He wears black and has a man bun.'

Bring him to the Foothills Mall and I'll sit on his lap so we can talk about just how mildly scary Conor Oberst's 'Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas' is.

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