A new trailer promoting TBS’ upcoming coverage of the 2012 Major League Baseball postseason features Bruce Springsteen‘s ‘Land of Hope and Dreams.’ The clip intersperses baseball highlights with footage of Springsteen and the E Street Band performing the song.

The ad is surprising for two reasons. First, Springsteen has long resisted having his music used in commercials Second, the song, which appears on Springsteen’s new ‘Wrecking Ball‘ album, doesn’t have anything to do with baseball. However, it is carefully edited to only include lines that capture the excitement of the playoffs, like “Dreams will not be thwarted / Faith will be rewarded.”

Tying it all together is a train, which travels across America bearing TBS’ postseason logo, and footage of Springsteen, who will play baseball stadiums in Philadelphia, Washington, D.C. within the next two weeks.

Throughout the spot, we see highlights from some of the game’s biggest names, including Albert Pujols, Derek Jeter, Justin Verlander, as well as rising stars such as Bryce Harper and Andrew McCutchen. Two of the most impressive moments of the year, Matt Cain’s perfect game and Josh Hamilton’s four-home run performance, are also shown.

TBS’ coverage of the Major League Baseball Postseason begins Oct. 5.

Watch Bruce Springsteen’s Baseball Commercial

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