It's been a minute — or an entire year now — since we've been to a concert or hockey game at the Budweiser Events Center in Loveland. We're patiently (kind of) waiting for life to return, but the meantime, the arena is getting $420,000 in renovations to make future live events bigger and better than they were before. 

In a press release from the Budweiser Events Center, the complex announced 'three notable renovations before its re-open to the public this year,' which includes arena investments for its concerts and regularly scheduled hockey games alike.

The Budweiser Events Center said it will be getting a $300,000 state-of-the-art L-Acoustics A10 Series sound system, $100,000 NHL-quality acrylic glass and a $20,000 rail system.

'We recognized an opportunity to revitalize the fan experience and made a decision to use the time we had to improve,' Spectra Venue Management District General Manager Keller Taylor said. 'Optimizing safety and event quality will be our top priorities upon re-open.”

The previous sound system was installed 16 years ago, and had 'limits in listener range, quality, and capability,' the Budweiser Events Center said. Additionally, the new glass will offer better visibility and durability, and the rail system will reduce the severity of injuries for hockey players.

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The Budweiser Events Center is still unsure when it will be allowed to resume events with in-person attendance, but last week, the Colorado Eagles took to the ice for the first time since early last year. Eagles games can be watched online.

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