It's not often that we get to own a piece of local history, but Loveland's Budweiser Events Center is giving us that chance, on the cheap. This is going to be a great way to hold onto some of the memories that you've made there.

Maybe you have a friend, like I do, who owns a seat from the old Mile High Stadium. There's something very cool about having your own stadium/arena seat, whether it's a place you sit outside, in the garage or your man-cave.


How many times, since 2003, when it opened, have you grabbed a seat at Loveland's Budweiser Events Center? If you've lived here that entire time, the number of times probably reaches towards 100. "100" is a coincidental number, because we have the chance at one of those 20-year-old seats, for $100.

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Maybe you'd like to have one to commemorate the Colorado Eagles winning an important game; maybe it would be about the BEC being the scene of your first date with your now husband/wife. Maybe you'd love to give one of those old seats to your grandpa, because of all the rodeos he took you to, there. For $100, the memories you could attach to the seat you buy, are "priceless."

It was announced in early 2023, that Budweiser Events Center would be changing its name to Blue Arena; with that, Blue had plans for $5 million in renovations at BEC, including new seats. Now that things are starting to really get underway for the renovations, Budweiser Events Center (soon to be Blue Arena) is selling the old seats.


  • The seats are from the main seating bowl, fixed seats only. (Not retractable or club seats).
  • Seats will not be mounted and it should be noted that seats are rear mounted and to be used as an actual seat, wall mounting would need to occur.
  • Seats will be randomly selected by seating contractor; no specific seat requests can be made.

Are you in? Where are you going to put that seat? Get more on the sale, HERE.

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