Those who smoke or chew tobacco in Loveland are looking to sources other than Safeway to get their cigarettes or cans.

It's been about two weeks now that I've seen the signs at Downtown Loveland's Safeway saying that they apologize, but they are not currently able to sell tobacco products, as they are awaiting licensing.

I can see where this is a big hassle for those in Downtown, as there aren't many places that do sell cigarettes and other tobacco products in the area. I called Loveland Liquors, near Safeway, and they did say that they have definitely seen an uptick in their tobacco sales.

Why Can't Safeways in Loveland Sell Tabaco?

I spoke with Loveland's City Clerk, Delynn Coldiron, and she explained it:

It's really the State of Colorado that has put a hold on their tobacco sales. It's a dual-license with the City of Loveland and the State of Colorado;  a state regulation along with a city ordinance.


Loveland hasn't told them to stop. Though late, we have received the necessary paperwork from them, and just need to get the inspections done.

It was in April of 2021 that this dual-licensing went into affect, with a grace period before enforcement. Safeway just hadn't gotten 'all their ducks in a row' as they say, before the enforcement period began in late December of 2021.

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How Long Will This Go On?

The Loveland Safeways are awaiting inspection from the City of Loveland Police Department, which they are hoping to get completed by the end of the week (Jan 17-21.) The police will be checking for proper signage, checking to see that the products are out of the each of children, etc.

In the meantime, Lovelanders are still able to get their "smokes" and "chew" at King Soopers, liquor stores, convenience stores, Walgreens and at the several tobacco shops in Loveland. You might be surprised at how many there are:

Smoker Friendly

Orchards Shopping Center

Puff  Stop

Thompson Valley Towne Center

Bear Necessities Smoke Shop

West Eisenhower

Smokey Monkey

West Eisenhower (across from Bear Necessities)

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