As you make your plans to hang with us at this year's Taste of Fort Collins, here's the rundown on what can and cannot come to the festival with you.

A couple things you should leave at home...

...Your dog. I know, I know. We love your dog as much as you do, which is exactly why we don't want you to bring them to Taste of Fort Collins. It's hot, there's a lot of pavement, unfamiliar people and loud noises. Let them stay home in the A/C and bring 'em some leftovers so they know you still love them. Service animals are an exception. 

...Your bike. What??? A Fort Collins event without bikes?! OK, you can definitely ride your bike, and of course we encourage that, but just know that you can not bring a bike into the festival with you (I know, I can't bring my skates either...). You'll need to lock it up outside festival grounds so make sure you have a good lock.


Are a couple things you can bring with you...

...A folding chair. Go ahead and bring a lawn chair to sit in, or a blanket for the grass. And bring some friends to sit with you, too. 

...A water bottle. Bringing your own reusable water bottle is, of course, encouraged. But, it must be completely empty when you come in.

What if there is bad weather? Is vaping permitted Taste of Fort Collins? All other info you may need to know can be found here.

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