Natives don't like to hear this, but there are many reasons to visit Colorado.

Along with the mountains, the Centennial State has a myriad of attractions that are perfect for tourists. Some are lesser known — like Rye's hidden gem, Bishop Castle — while others are renowned — like Colorado Springs' Garden of the Gods.

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Still, some of Colorado's tourist destinations could be a little overrated (online reviews suggest that Indian Hot Springs isn't worth the hype).

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Others may just downright suck — at least according to social media.

A popular Instagram user named @mattsurelee recently published a graph detailing the worst tourist attraction in every state based on his followers' opinions.

Apparently, Colorado's is...wait for it...Casa Bonita.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Maybe the post is referencing the infamous Casa Bonita of the past; however, many commenters came to the restaurant's defense.


Casa Bonita is a top 5 Colorado attraction smh

Casa Bonita is a blessing.

False. Casa Bonita is amazing.

Take back that Casa Bonita slam!


how dare you

Casa Bonita is set to make a comeback this year thanks to the help of South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Colorado's worst attraction or not, over 12,000 people are planning on attending the restaurant's reopening in May.

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Check out more Colorado tourist attractions in the gallery below.

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