Did you ever take the Pepsi Challenge?

Me neither. I always wanted to, but they never had that cool table set up at my local mall.

Well, taste tests of that ilk happened recently in Loveland, Colorado--with water, of all things.

We live close to the source, which is nice. Some people live way downriver, and by the time the water arrives at their tap, it has been through pastures, industrial areas and town after town with person after person using it in all sorts of ways. Yes, old wastewater is reprocessed into 'fresh' drinking water in many parts of the world. That doesn't happen so much in Colorado.

Loveland, Fort Collins, Greeley, and Windsor all have rivers running through them.

But whose water is the best?

A recent taste test had judges jostling to drink the drainage that trickles into Castle Rock, the winner of the taste test. However, it was a tight race, because all of Colorado enjoys a purity of water that most in America or the world do not.
Once again, it's nice to live close to the source.

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