The thing we've been asking ourselves (and everyone else) since March of last year: 'When can we go to shows again?' And not like, small-capacity-sit-at-a-table-and-wear-a-mask shows. We mean real ones, where people spill beer on you and invade your personal bubble and you're just like, sticky. Still, no one really knows, but the experts are starting to shine a light at the end of the tunnel for us. 

A spokesperson for Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment told Denver's Westword that concerts at 80 percent capacity could be possible by summer.

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'We shared projections with stakeholders recently, including the possibility of expanding event and restaurant capacity to 75-80 percent in July,' they said, noting that nothing is 'concrete,' and if cases rise, well, that's going to obviously knock this projection off course. You can read the full report from Westword here.

Westword reported that CDPHE predicts Colorado will slowly move up the state's COVID dial and reach Level Green by July, and events may not even require social distancing, depending on vaccination numbers.

Even then though, it may be a while until tours can resume, because all states may not be at the same level of restriction, according to Rolling Stone.

As of the first week of March, over 500,000 Coloradans had received both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, just ahead of the new Johnson & Johnson vaccine's arrival in Colorado.

Right now, Larimer County Level Up businesses can operate at Level Blue (while the county is still Level Yellow). For indoor events, that means 50 percent capacity or up to 175 people, whichever is the smaller number.

So, while the Aggie Theatre, which is roughly a 600-person capacity venue, can have shows, it can only allow up to 175 people. Red Rocks, which does have being outdoors working in its favor, has submitted a variance to be allowed to have 2,500 people per show. That's well under its 9,500-person capacity, but in 2020, they could also only permit 175 people.

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