It may seem like affordable real estate is nonexistent in Boulder. While that's not a false suggestion, there are semi-cheap houses in the People's Republic if you're willing to rent.

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I don't know about you, but when I used to hear the phrase "real estate," my mind immediately drifted to HGTV, where a bumblebee babysitter and a crochet enthusiast can somehow afford a half-million-dollar home with five bathrooms.

Now, I've come to believe that these House Hunters scenarios are pure fantasy — especially when looking at Colorado's real estate market. In Boulder alone, one of the cheapest houses for sale is still going for $275,600.

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That's where renting comes in. I'm not a real estate professional and can't tell you whether renting or buying is better for you in the long term. However, I do know that renting is sometimes cheaper and a preferred option for people like me (aka, a mid-twenty-something who gets scared to check her bank account).

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Despite this, renting a house isn't always easy on the finances. My latest Zillow search showed me that "cheap" rentals in Boulder still cost nearly $3,000 a month.

Using this liberal definition of cheap, I found some houses that might fit the bill (no pun intended). Check out the cheapest houses in Boulder for rent in the gallery below:

Cheapest Houses in Boulder for Rent

It's no secret that Colorado's real estate market is pricy — and it's even more expensive in Boulder. Still, there are semi-inexpensive houses in the People's Republic, especially if you're willing to rent. Keep reading to see the cheapest houses in Boulder for rent right now.

Looking for more (semi) inexpensive real estate? Check out the cheapest homes for sale in Loveland in the gallery below.

Cheapest Houses in Loveland for Rent

It may seem like cheap real estate doesn't exist in Loveland, but there are semi-affordable houses in the Sweetheart City if you're willing to rent. Check out the cheapest houses in Loveland for rent right now in the gallery below.

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