Now let me start out by saying that I'm NOT including townhomes, condos, manufactured homes or 55 and over communities. I'm simply looking at detached, single family dwellings.

$220,000 is a LOT of money right? Well, yes and no. When it comes to having that in say a bank account, absolutely. When it comes to buying a house...not even close, especially here in Colorado.

There are however, a few places that you can find in that price range, now granted most of those places probably won't have all four walls up or may have a few holes in the ceiling and/or floor or perhaps be infested with creatures but in this case, none of those things apply.

According to Property Shark, this house on W Olive St in Fort Collins that is going for $220K has all of the above...and it's actually a cozy little spot. Of COURSE it's on the smaller side, but for the price and it being in Fort Collins...a steal.

This home features 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and has just under 800 square feet of living space so small? Yes. Affordable AND livable? Absolutely.

Throw in the fact that it's got a fresh coat of paint on it to go with its new roof, gardens in the back and a nice open floor plan to greet you on the inside...if you're looking for something small or even a rental opportunity, this could actually be something that could work really well.

Here's What $220K Will Get You In Fort Collins


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