There are dozens of lakes and reservoirs throughout Colorado that residents can take full advantage of all year round. In both the summer and winter, there are endless opportunities for fishing, and while most people prefer to take their boats out on the water during the warmer months, some still choose to do so in the wintertime as well.

It's not seen too often in the Centennial State, but ice boating/sailing is becoming increasingly more popular here. Water enthusiasts can get their recreational fix during the colder months of the year with this thrilling activity.

The heart-racing sport of ice sailing can only be done during a brief period in Colorado. Not only does the ice have to be frozen with a thickness of at least 8-10 inches, other weather conditions, such as ideal wind speeds and limited amounts of snow, also play a factor in being able to successfully sail on the frozen water. Mountain winds can be extremely unpredictable, sometimes only allowing for very few days a year to ice sail.

People participating in the exhilarating sport can reach speeds of up to 80 miles per hour as they glide across the ice.

Some locations where Coloradans enjoy going on ice sailing adventures are Dillon Reservoir, Eleven Mile Reservoir, Cherry Creek Reservoir, and Boyd Lake in Loveland.

Ice sailing can be a very challenging and dangerous sport, so only those who are skilled and properly trained should attempt to try it.

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