Raise a glass. There's no shortage of breweries in Fort Collins, but the Choice City is getting another one.

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Mythmaker Brewing will open this spring at 1035 S Taft Hill Road, where McClellan's Brewing Company stood until pandemic struggles forced its closure last year.

Thankfully, the new brewery is sure to please.

According to a press release from Indie Creative Co., owners Tom Moseman and Sarah Barlow are starting Mythmaker Brewing with plenty of experience — they've both worked at Fort Collins staples like Black Bottle Brewery, Snowbank Brewing, Fort Collins Brewing, and the former Red Truck Beer Company.

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"The Fort Collins beer community is truly special because we're all working toward our shared passion for beer and sharing creative ways to brew and serve it," said Moseman in the release.

Indie Creative Co.
Tom Moseman and Sarah Barlow. Courtesy of Indie Creative Co.

The brewery will live up to its mythical name with experimental beers like the Lichtenhainer, a German Smoke Sour Ale. If you're wary of new-age ales, don't worry — they'll also offer traditional brews like Hazy IPAs and Brown Ales.

Along with craft beer, Mythmaker Brewing will serve as a welcoming community space where Northern Coloradans can gather.

"My passion for this industry is truly the connection to the community," said Barlow. "I really love the way beer brings people together — be it old friends, a first date, or an entire community coming together for a family in need."

The brewery is currently hosting a fundraiser to help with start-up costs. Learn more about how you can help (and receive merch in return) here.

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