Rooney is opening for Fall Out Boy at Cheyenne Frontier Days 2016? OK, now I'm... now I'm sh-sh-shakin'

In 2016, the band announced a return from their 2010 hiatus and brought us the single, 'My Heart Beats 4 U.' I imagine the guys in Rooney are the kind that have only classic Vans sneakers to their names, but hopefully the So-Cal boys can find a pair of boots to wear when they open for Fall Out Boy on Saturday, July 23.

Donald Bowers/Getty Images

According to a Cheyenne Frontier Days press release, in the last six years, Robert Schwartzman has recorded two solo albums, worked in film and even launched an iPhone app. And, of course, produced Rooney's new album,Washed Away.

Since Scruggs is still in the other room breathing into a paper bag, I'm going to take the reigns here and be your millennial guide in highlighting some awesome moments in Rooney history which, in part, shaped my adolescent years. Shall we?

We actually first met Robert Schwartzman in 2001, just not as the frontman of Rooney. Rather, he was the adorkable member of Skinner Box, pining for Anne Hathaway's affection in the film adaptation of the Meg Cabot book, The Princess Diaries. Awwww, he made her foot 'pop.' 

This wouldn't be a blog about Rooney written by me if I didn't give a good nod to that defining 2004 episode of The O.C. when Rooney performed at the Bait Shop. Season one, episode 15: 'The Third Wheel' (The one where Seth was seeing double with Anna and Summer, Marissa Cooper and Oliver were being train wrecks, Ryan was brooding and everyone regretted bringing Luke to a cool rock show. Back to water polo practice you go, Luke.)

And then, of course, the big 2007 radio hit that introduced Rooney to anyone who wasn't thirteen and watching The O.C. and The Princess Diaries...

Tickets for Rooney at Cheyenne Frontier Days start at $27, and you can find them here. Oh, and this is what the band (...or, at least Robert??) is up to these days: