You might be fresh off of your Wine Time buzz over the past weekend.

We all had a blast at the wine tasting event, but if you like to enjoy wine every now and then, you know that it can be kind of difficult to consume an entire bottle of wine.

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That is where a Colorado wine company comes into play.

Enter Wander + Ivy Wines. The Colorado wine company offers wines in a single serving vial, perfect for that "I'm only having one glass" occasion.

Wander + Ivy started in 2018 and currently has four varietals that include a cabernet, red blend, rose and sauvignon blanc.

All of Wander + Ivy's wines are made with certified organic grapes sourced from family-owned vineyards from around the world.

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Currently, you can find the single-serving vials at more than one hundred retail stores in Colorado, California, New York, and Pennsylvania.

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