It looks like Coloradans have something in common with Pennsylvanians: a shared taste for egg salad sandwiches. Have you been searching for a recipe?

I haven't needed to pick up eggs at the store, lately. Are they still in short supply? It would seem so, as CBS4 Denver has the story on how egg salad concoctions are the most-searched recipe in Colorado.

Apparently, Google Trends tracked down the most-searched recipes across the nation for the last 30 days, since most of the nation has been in quarantine and doing more cooking. Only Colorado and Pennsylvania had 'egg salad' as its most-searched recipe.

I like hard-boiled eggs, but I'm not much of a fan of egg salad. I don't know if it's the texture or the smell that I dislike, but it tastes OK, I guess.

Here's what our neighboring states searched for:

  • Wyoming - Sourdough
  • New Mexico - Tortillas
  • Utah - Crepes
  • Kansas - Hamburgers

Get the other states' results from CBS4 Denver HERE.

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