Managing a lucrative location in the food and beverage industry can be a tough task, so when Colorado bar owners Ed and Valerie Komperda saw their beloved endeavor start to struggle, they called for assistance from one of the best.

In 2021, Ed and Valerie Komperda purchased the Colorado Cork & Keg in the quaint town of Castle Rock. The couple uprooted their lives and family from St. Louis to Colorado to pursue their dream of running a successful bar. However, after about ten months of operating the local joint, the Komperda family felt strain from the countless hours and energy spent at the bar.

Additionally, the inexperienced owners were losing nearly four thousand dollars a month in sales. At the rate things were going, the Komperda's would have likely had to close the Castle Rock pub in the next few months.

With his Bar Rescue crew alongside for support, hospitality expert, Jon Taffer brought his knowledge, expertise, and big personality to the small-town tavern to help get them back on track.

The season 8 episode titled “Pool House Rock" began with Taffer secretly watching how the bar was being operated. Right off the bat, he noticed that the employees had no formal training. It was also clear that the bar was very disorganized - but especially the management side of things. Co-owner, Ed Komperda was even caught sipping some beer and enjoying a game of pool when Taffer surprised them in person after watching from a hidden camera.

Taffer pointed out other negative observations, including major kitchen infractions, foul-tasting beer, and poor branding on the outside of the brewhouse.

The Bar Rescue team brought in some key players to help remedy Cork & Keg's problematic issues.

First, a professional mixologist trained the bar staff on their drink-making skills. Several new cocktails were created and added to the menu. A master chef also assisted the existing kitchen staff with best practices, as well as coming up with new, inventive dishes.

Furthermore, Taffer provided important management and leadership tips to the staff. He also installed a state-of-the-art POS system and updated the outdoor signage. Getting new glassware and kitchenware was another top priority. A new sandwich prep station was built inside the kitchen area. To prevent bad-tasting brews from being served in the future, professionals came in to repair the cooler and beer lines.

The once-bland interior was remodeled with a sleek design, giving the vibe of a completely fresh start. New dining sets and pool tables now fill the space.

But the biggest change of all came with the bar's new name. Rather than being called Colorado Cork & Keg, Taffer rebranded the destination as Valerie's Brewhouse - a tribute to its owner, Valerie.

Since reopening under its new moniker, the bar has been able to expand its hours and has also seen an increase in sales.

Filming for this episode took place around May 2022. It aired on the Paramount Network on March 26, 2023.

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This wasn't the first time Bar Rescue came to the aid of a Colorado watering hole. According to, Colorado Cork & Keg marks the tenth time that Jon Taffer has visited Colorado, which makes it the sixth-most popular state for Jon Taffer to travel to. The show filmed an episode in Loveland last year, where Jon Taffer and his crew helped revamp CJ's Patio Grill and Blue Sports Grille.

Visit the new and improved Valerie's Brewhouse at 971 Park Street in Castle Rock.

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