It's 'National Adopt a Senior Pet Month' so throughout November, animal rescues and shelters across the country are focusing their efforts on helping older pets find forever homes.

Most people who are adopting a pet want to take home a young puppy or new kitten, which means that oftentimes, the older animals residing at a shelter get overlooked. Therefore, senior pets tend to spend the longest amount of time at shelters or rescues. Sadly, they sometimes never end up finding a home at all.

However, a lot of the older pets have just as much spunk as a young cat or dog and are definitely just as lovable.

Other benefits of adopting an older four-legged friend can be that they are already potty-trained and know how to obey commands. Plus, senior pets are typically on the calmer side than a young puppy or kitty would be.

10 Adoptable Senior Pets Currently in Colorado Shelters

In honor of November being National Adopt a Senior Pet Month, here are 10 older cats and dogs that are in need of homes in Colorado.

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