Aurora, Colorado native, Randall Redfield, takes his company, Dreampad, to the "sharks" on ABC's Shark Tank on Sunday, November 5! Dreampad is a smart pillow designed to help us turn off our minds at the end of the day and get the sleep we need. It was originally developed as a therapy tool for autistic children.

The Dreampad is a unique sleep technology that reduces stress and improves sleep in adults and kids.  When you lay your head on the Dreampad, its music travels internally from the pillow straight to the inner ear, and in the process triggers your nervous system’s calming reflex.

Integrated Listening Systems specializes in sound and movement therapies for improving brain function. Their product, the Dreampad, launched in 2012 as a therapeutic tool for children on the Autism spectrum. Since then, research by Columbia University and others has confirmed its effectiveness, and it is now used by people of all ages to help get a better night's sleep. I haven't tried it yet, but I would love to.

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