Maybe they were trying to take advantage of the fact that Coors is made in Golden, by pairing that with the golden Aspen leaves of Colorado. Who knows?

Aspen soda, put out by PepsiCo from 1978-1982, was a soft drink that had an apple taste to it. Because, you know, Aspen trees have apples. Wait.. that's not it.

It's more likely that some highly-paid executive with Pepsi had flown out to Aspen do a bunch of cocaine with the Eagles, and really enjoyed, not only the cocaine and the Eagles but the crisp mountain air that he found in Aspen. 'Bob, it's Richard- Drop everything, I've got our next big thing.'

As a kid growing up in Loveland, new sodas were always neat. Jolt, for example. Aspen was like 7-Up with a 'hint' of apple. It was alright, but I remember thinking, 'I'd just rather have a 7-Up, but then, I don't really like 7-Up.'

I've must have not been alone in my 'meh' opinion of the soda, because it was only around for about four years. Aside from the 'so-so' flavor, I can't imagine, with me being 17 in 1984, thinking I'd look cool having an Aspen soda in my hand, you know?

Can you picture someone IN Aspen drinking an Aspen? Me neither.

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Perhaps you recall 'Slice' soda? That was a re-branded 'Aspen,' which does make more sense as a name than Aspen. Slice did make a comeback, of sorts, recently as sparkling water with juice.

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