Last week, a skydiving plane in Oahu, Hawaii crashed on the North Shore, tragically killing 11 people. Unfortunately, a Colorado couple celebrating their anniversary were among those who were killed.

Bryan and Ashley Weikel of Brighton were celebrating their first wedding in Hawaii when they decided to try skydiving. According to CBS Denver, the couple's family urged them not to go, but they insisted it would be safe.

The family was keeping up with the couple's social media posts before the accident. The last video Bryan posted on his Snapchat feed was one of the skydiving plane pulling up to pick them up.

The family found out what happened to the couple after googling 'skydiving in Hawaii' when they didn't hear back from Bryan or Ashley, only to see the tragic headline detailing the accident come up in their search.

CBS Denver interviewed the family, who said that the couple died doing what they loved, with the person they loved.

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