The weather isn't the only forecast we should be watching, and your hometown's fireworks show is suddenly looking better.

According to AAA and North Denver News, over 600,000 Coloradans will hit the road this 4th of July, causing a lot of holiday traffic.

And, it's not just Coloradans who will be on the road here starting next week. AAA reports that a record number of Americans plan to travel for 4th of July (2 million more than last year). Many of which will travel by car, and through Colorado.

North Denver News shared the stats from AAA. Starting Wednesday, July 3, 'Colorado motorists should take care to budget extra travel time, as three out of the seven top travel destinations in the continental United States are in the American West – and Denver sits at the well-traveled crossroads of I-25 and I-70.'

It also doesn't help that gas prices are reportedly lower.

So, maybe this is the year to park it at home, go to a BBQ in the park down the street and enjoy a local fireworks show (remember, setting off your own is likely ILLEGAL), because it's no fun to celebrate your freedom while in a gridlock on the interstate.

Fortunately, there are several places in the Fort Collins area you can view fireworks that don't involve traveling on I-25.

Read more from North Denver News.

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