Traveling from one side of the state of Colorado to the other is no easy task, but taking the express lane can make it easier and help you save time.

According to a report from the Colorado Sun, motorists who chose to drive in Colorado's express lane when it is closed may soon face some major fines.

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Colorado Express Lane Laws

The Colorado Express lanes are not open 24/7, instead, they are only open during peak hours. Signage is posted when the lanes are closed, but some people choose not to abide by the law.

In response to those who choose to drive in Colorado express lanes while they are closed, a new bill, HB22-1074,  has been proposed that seeks to enact fees against those who break the rules.

The Colorado Department of Transportation would use the license plate readers to identify those using the lanes while they are closed and would send out a fine, similar to how red-light runners are caught.

What Are Colorado Express Lanes?

Express lanes in Colorado increase roadway capacity and give those commuting a different option to battle congestion.


Colorado is one of the top five fastest-growing states in the country, so you can imagine just how congested our highways can get.

Who Can Use Colorado Express Lanes?

Whether you're on a bus, motorcycle, carpooling, or just a single rider, you can use the express lane.

Can Visitors to Colorado Use the Express Lane?

Even if you're not from the state of Colorado, you can still use the express lane. A photo will be taken of your license plate at the toll and you will be mailed a bill.

Colorado Express Lane Toll Prices

Colorado express lane toll prices vary depending on the day and time and which route you're taking.


Another great benefit to the Colorado Express lane is that typically those who carpool can ride for free. The only exception is for the I-70 Mountain Express Lane, which does not include a "free" policy for HOV vehicles given that a majority of vehicles traveling in the corridor typically have more than one passenger.

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