Keep your eyes on the road in 2023 because we do not want to repeat what happened here in the Centennial State back in 2022. Did you know that last year was one of the all-time worst years for traffic accident fatalities ever in Colorado?

This was exceptionally sad news as Colorado's Strategic Transportation Safety Plan sought to lower traffic accident fatalities by at least 15% from 2020 to 2023. Scroll on to see which counties had the most fatal accidents in Colorado in 2022.

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Colorado's Worst Year for Traffic Fatalities

756 people died on Colorado roads and highways in the year 1981. From about 2008 to 2014, Colorado managed to keep fatalities under 500 per year. Since 2015, that number has been climbing again. Colorado's Department of Transportation lists the 2022 number of total deaths as 745. This is a 57% increase in fatalities from just 10 years ago.

Colorado Fatalities Involving Impaired Drivers in 2022

One scary statistic in Colorado is the number of fatal car crashes that involve an impaired motorist. On three separate occasions in 2022, the percentage of fatal accidents in Colorado that involved an impaired driver rose to nearly 50%. This happened in January, July, and December.

Colorado Counties with the Most Fatal Accidents

As we scroll through Colorado's 10 worst counties for fatal accidents in 2022, we will also note which road in each county saw the highest number of fatal accidents last year. Grand Junction and Mesa county start off the list at number 10 in the photo gallery below.

Colorado's Top 10 Deadliest Counties for Motorists in the Past Year

2022 was a deadly year for motorists in Colorado. With a total of 684 fatalities 2022 was the worst year for fatal accidents in the Centennial State since 1981. Scroll on to learn which Colorado counties were the deadliest for motorists over the past year.

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