Australia is burning, and the tragedy seems like it's nowhere close to stopping anytime soon. Over a billion animals are estimated to have died and 25 human casualties have been reported thus Colorado is stepping in to help.

According to CBS 4, the U.S. Forest Service in Colorado is planning on sending a number of firefighters to help fight the fires which, to put it in perspective, is burning an area a quarter of the size of Colorado. 

A total of eight Coloradans are scheduled to serve about a month in Australia. The U.S. has already sent 159 and the next round will include about 100 more.

We're keen to help Australia, especially after they sent firefighters to help the U.S. in 2018: 138 members of their team assisted in dousing the flames for some of our most destructive wildfires during that time.

To donate to the firefighting effort, click here.

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