When you are feeling the need for speed, there are several great options to choose from in Colorado to satisfy your desire.

Go-Karting is not for everybody, but it's a fun sport that transcends the ages. Kids absolutely love to ride go-karts, but it's not just for the younger kind. There are plenty of tracks in Colorado that will fulfill the adult craving for lots of speed just as well.

Why Do Kids Love Go Karts?

When I was a kid, I absolutely loved to ride go-karts and Fun City in Estes Park was the destination. I wasn't old enough to drive a car, but I could get behind the wheel of a go-kart and put the pedal to the metal. What a thrill. Even when go-carts aren't truly super fast, they always seem fast to a wide-eyed little kid.

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Are You Looking For Speed Or Kid-Friendly Fun?

When you are looking for a go-kart track in Colorado, you have to ask yourself one question. Am I looking for some serious action, or do I just want to find a place where the kids can have a little fun and it's not going to cost a fortune? How can you tell the difference?

If a go-kart track requires special safety equipment, you know it's a place for the serious go-karter. If it doesn't, it's a pretty safe bet that it's just a fun place for the kids, and it's not going to break the bank. Colorado has a lot of options in both categories.

17 Places For Go-Karting Fun In Colorado

Whether you are looking for some fun golf-karting for the kids or you want to do some serious racing yourself, there are plenty of places you can do that in Colorado. Scroll down for a look at 17 places in Colorado where you can enjoy some incredible go-karting fun.

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