There's yet another movement emerging to have Weld County secede from Colorado to join to Wyoming.

The governors of each neighboring state has even weighed in on the matter this week.

First, KOA asked Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon his thoughts on Weld County secession.

"We would love that," the Republican responded on Monday. "You know, from time to time states have said, 'Gosh, we love what Wyoming is doing,' and so we'd be happy."

Colorado Governor Jared Polis was quick to offer a rebuttal on Tuesday.

"Hands off Weld County, Governor Mark Gordon," the Democrat said in a Facebook post. "Weld County is a thriving part of Colorado and Weld County Residents are proud to be part of our great state."

A Facebook group called Weld County, WY is currently leading the effort, attempting to get a 2021 ballot measure. 9News reports that group has filed campaign finance disclosure information and is now accepting donations through its website.

The topic was also brought up in 2019 but was rejected by all five Weld County commissioners. In 2013, Weld County was part of a failed ballot measure that aimed to create a new state.

Even if the initiative were to get passed, the measure would have quite an uphill battle of actually being implemented.

Both the state legislatures in Colorado and Wyoming would then need to approve the order before it would need final approval from Congress.

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