The hippie movement took the country by storm in the mid to late 1960s, and many do not know that Colorado was a pivotal location for the movement in many ways.

In fact, what many consider to be the first-ever rural hippie commune was built in Colorado and was truly another world for a short period of time. Keep scrolling to learn more about this commune, a historic hippie town once known as Drop City.

Drop City Colorado - The First Rural Hippie Commune

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When one thinks of the hippie movement, they are generally reminded of things like Woodstock, the Haight-Ashbury District of San Francisco, and the summer of love.

However, unbeknownst to many, an area of rural Colorado would become the first-ever rural hippie commune in Drop City.

Drop City was first created in 1960 near Trinidad, Colorado at what is now technically 38043 County Rd 32.4, Trinidad, CO 81082.

The commune attracted hippies from all over who flocked to the little community to celebrate art and hippie culture.

The hippies built unique and abstract buildings, often dome-shaped, and truly lived off the land by planting gardens and raising chickens.

However, the once-peaceful community saw opposition including some forms of violence interrupting the hippie dream, and the makeshift town was abandoned in 1979.

The land was eventually sold off to a nearby rancher who kept the unique structures up for a while, but even they were torn down by the 1990s.

While today Drop City is a thing of the past, some documentation of the hippie commune was taken and we are left with memories. Take a virtual tour of Drop City, the first-ever rural hippie commune that once called Colorado home:

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