Colorado is full of history and luckily, much of The Centennial State's history has stuck around since its inception in 1876.

Colorado's history as a state largely began due to the gold rush in which mining brought droves of people to the area and the state effectively grew exponentially. Likewise, when you have a bunch of people living in the same area, they're going to need some place to buy food.

For this reason, Colorado is full of historic restaurants that have fortunately stood the test of time and are still nourishing Coloradans today.

Colorado's Historic Restaurants You Need to Try

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Some of these Colorado restaurants that are considered historic are famous not just because of how old they are, but because of interesting facts about the restaurants as well as famous guests.

For example, did you know that Theodore Roosevelt, Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, Jimmy Carter, and Ronal Reagan all dined at The Buckhorn Exchange in Denver?

How about that Denver's Linger restaurant was once a mortuary that housed Buffalo Bill Cody's remains? Or that The Red Onion in Aspen was once a brothel? All true.

Historic Colorado Restaurants Still Make Great Food

Of course, the most important thing about any restaurant, historic or not, is the food. It should go without saying that the longevity of these historic restaurants can partially be attributed to having great menu items.

For example, Beau Jo's in Idaho Springs is known for amazing pizza, The Fort in Morrison has non-traditional meats such as rattlesnake and bison liver, and The Cherry Cricket in Denver has endless burger toppings.

Take a look at 20 historic Colorado restaurants, how old they are, and their locations, and plan out your next educational and tasty Colorado meal:

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