It may come as a shock to you, but, apparently, Colorado is one of the most introverted states in the nation.

Colorado Is One of the Most Introverted States In the Country

Nobody likes to be lonely, but that does not mean we don't enjoy and appreciate our alone time. There is a big difference. According to the results of a study by Solitaire Bliss, Colorado is the 8th most introverted state in the county. Vermont, New Hampshire, Montana, and Alaska were at the top of the list.

Using data from the Census Bureau's American Time Use Survey, Solitaire Bliss was able to determine which states prefer solitude in four different categories including fitness, entertainment, home, and leisure.

Do You Prefer to Work Out Alone?

Would you rather work out alone - or with a friend? What about if you are walking or running? Is better to be on your own, or have some company along to share your pain? If I'm working out at the gym, I definitely prefer to be alone and work at my own pace. On the Riverfront Trail, however, although I always run by myself, I think it would be beneficial to have a running companion to help keep the pace.

Is It Better Alone Or With A Group?

When it comes to entertainment, Coloradans like to do it alone whether it's reading, fishing, doing arts and crafts, sewing, or listening to music. Of course, nobody wants to go to the movies alone, right? I mean, can one person actually eat that entire bucket of popcorn by themselves?

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Coloradans Love To Read

One other interesting note from the study is that Colorado ranks 6th in the nation when it comes to reading. We love to read and listen to books - and that definitely is not a group activity. As active as Coloradans seem to be, this finding is a huge surprise.

I definitely did not have Colorado pegged as an introverted state considering how liberal and active the state tends to be. While we like to be active, we do love our alone time. By the way, on the opposite end of the spectrum, the most extroverted states are South Dakota, Hawaii, and Alabama.

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