Colorado is a busy state, which means we love our fast food options around town. Apparently, though, Colorado is not a great state for fast-food lovers... Here's why.

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Colorado Ranked Low For Fast Food Lovers


Maybe you're just busy all of the time and it's easy, or maybe you just love fast food. From the golden arches to the king of the burgers. From the best chicken ever (except on Sundays) to Louisianna fast. Or maybe you like to run "for the border." Colorado has pretty much every single major fast food restaurant somewhere within our box state. So why are;t we a good state for fast food lovers?

Why Isn't Colorado A Good State For Fast Food Lovers?

The crew over at LawnStarter did some digging and compared 200 of the biggest cities in America to find out where the best places to satisfy that inner cry for fast food are. They compared cities with the best access to fast food, the variety of fast food restaurants, the quality of food and service, prices, and more. After all of that, Colorado barely had a city in the top 50.


What Colorado City Is The Best For Fast Food Lovers?

As we get you ready for national fast food day on November 16th, and with so many different fast food options around Colorado, one wonders why out of 200 cities, Colorado's first city on this top 200 ranking was Denver, which landed at number 50 with a score of only 44.67.  Next Colorado cities to make the list were Thornton at number 52, and Colorado Springs at number 81. Apparently, the quality and price greatly affected our spot on LawnStarter's ranking. The top city on the list was Orlando, FL, and the very worst ranked was Bridgeport, CT. Agree to disagree we suppose.

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