Colorado is home to nine incredible National Monuments that help tell the story of the Centennial State. Did you know that Colorado could have as many as eleven National Monuments?

A couple of Colorado's National Monuments established in the early 1900s did not make it into the 2000s due to a number of operational issues. These beautiful monuments are still a part of the Colorado wilderness, and you can still visit these places on your own with careful planning.

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Colorado's abolished National Monuments

Colorado's Mount of the Holy Cross National Monument

President Herbert Hoover established the Mount of the Holy Cross National Monument in May 1929. The mountain is part of the Holy Cross Wilderness Area inside the White River National Forest. Sadly, the location of this natural wonder is remote and can be hard to access during the winter months. This monument was abolished in 1950 under President Harry Truman and turned over to the Forest Service. Learn more about the Mount of the Holy Cross National Monument in the photos below.

Colorado's Wheeler Geologic National Monument

Strange Rock in Wheeler

Colorado's Wheeler Geologic National Monument was Colorado's first National Monument. It is located in a portion of both Mineral and Saguache counties. The monument is part of the LaGarita Wilderness near the town of Creede.

Wheeler was established years before Rocky Mountain National Park, yet Harry Truman also abolished this monument in 1950. It was said that once America switched to the automobile, it became too difficult for most people to access the Wheeler Geologic Area.

Today, a visit to Wheeler means about 14 miles of off-road travel in a high-clearance vehicle or a 15-mile hike to the site. Keep going to take a closer look at both locations in the photo gallery below.

Where Are Colorado's Former National Monuments?

Like the mountains themselves, the story of Colorado's National Monuments is one that is always changing. Over the years, new locations are added to a state's list of monuments. In some cases, others are removed. Colorado has abolished two National Monuments since becoming a state. Keep going to take a closer look at both locations in the gallery below.

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

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