The Colorado Lottery's new $5 scratch game has wine lovers in mind. Even if you lose, you have the chance at a wonderful wine weekend in Palisade!

Somehow, I hear a Billy Joel song in my head-- 'A bottle of red, a bottle of white; whatever way you want to win tonight.. '

The lottery's new 'Colorado Wine Winnings' scratch tickets are $5 with a top prize of $150,000. Sweet! Or, dry! What's another wine term I could use-- Fruity!

There are four games - Cabernet Cash, Chardonnay Currency, Merlot Money and Riesling Riches. You can play the one that matches your taste in wine, or you could have a wine party and use them as door prizes!

Plus- these have a special second-chance drawing attached to them. The grand prize being a weekend stay in Grand Junction to attend the annual Colorado Mountain WineFest in Palisade in September, courtesy of Colorado Wine Producers! Entry deadline for the second-chance drawing is August 6, 2018, at noon, so- You'd better get your wine--err- scratching on, quick!

Get more details on the games from the Colorado Lottery HERE! 

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