A man in Lakewood, Colorado put up some unique yard decorations that are not sitting well with his neighbors, of which he has feuded with on what sounds like several occasions.

The man, who hasn't been identified, put four human 'blow-up dolls' and one blow-up llama in his trees, hoping to offend the neighbors he's been feuding with and it definitely worked.

Although the dolls weren't what one would consider 'anatomically correct,' their presence certainly upset a lot of the neighborhood.

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The neighborly feud stemmed from things like tree limbs falling into yards and complaints about cars being parked in backyards instead of driveways or garages.

One of the neighbors, Morris Thompson had this to say about the dolls showing up in his neighbor's yard adjacent to his:

I’m not sure what the things are trying to say here, or prove here in this particular situation, but it’s very offensive, not only for a person of color, but for anyone as you see something like that.

Another neighbor, Rhonda Valdez, was also offended by the new decorations:

It’s offensive to me. It’s offensive to my neighbors. It’s degrading, it’s disgusting and it needs to come down.

Valdez also called the display, “offensive to me because I see it as objectifying women.”

However, it would seem that the man that put up the dolls may get the last laugh, as the Lakewood Police Department called the decorations similar to some holiday decorations in the way that some people may be offended and that the homeowner is not violating any laws.

When asked why the homeowner decided to put blow-up dolls in his trees he responded, "that's all I could get."


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