2023 might be the year that you or someone you know changes jobs in Grand Junction. Perhaps you know someone who will be looking for their first job ever, or maybe you know someone looking to pick up something part-time. What is Colorado's minimum wage?

Numbers have changed from state to state in recent years, so if you have not looked at the numbers in a while they have changed. Did you know that Colorado sits in the Top 10 for the highest minimum wage in the nation?

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America's Highest Minimum Wage States

The highest-paying minimum wage locations in America include:

  • District of Columbia (Washington D.C.) $16.50
  • Washington $15.74
  • California $15.50
  • Massachusetts $15
  • New York $14.20
  • New Jersey $14.13
  • Connecticut $14
  • Arizona $13.85
  • Maine $13.80
  • Colorado $13.65

Colorado's Minimum Wage

Colorado's minimum wage just saw another increase at the beginning of 2023. Colorado's Department of Labor and Employment confirmed in September 2022, the new wage would be $13.65.

Colorado Tip Credits in 2023

Colorado law allows employers to claim a "Tip Credit" for employees who serve tables, tend bar, transport luggage, or work in any other place where gratuity is paid to a worker. With our minimum wage at $13.65, employers can claim a credit for up to $3.02 per hour. This means they only need to pay the employee $10.63 per hour, plus $3.02 in tips per hour to comply with the wage law.

The Cost of Wage Increases in Colorado

Some could not help but notice some of the smaller chain and locally owned restaurants close their doors after the first of the year in Grand Junction. Both Village Inn (Horizon Drive), and Bistro Italiano closed to kick off 2023 for multiple reasons. It's sad. Both were enjoyable places to eat with nice folks working there.

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