Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) is urging residents to stay away from wildlife following a recent moose attack in Ironton Park.

The agency shared a video of the incident, which shows a cow moose repeatedly charging a woman as she hides behind some bushes and screams at the animal to get back.

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"The cow moose in this video possibly had calves nearby and charged a woman multiple times this past weekend...moose will defend themselves and their young aggressively," said CPW. "Moose can run up to 35 mph in short distances and frequent locations near water with an abundance of willows (their primary food source)."

There have been multiple moose attacks in Colorado this year. CPW notes that if a moose is reacting to you, it means you are too close to the animal — however, moose aren't the only wildlife to be wary of.

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In a separate Facebook post, the agency shared a video of a cow elk charging a dog walker in Evergreen. Similarly to the moose incident, the dog walker had gotten too close to the elk's calves.

"Expect aggressive wildlife behavior this time of year from mothers defending their young," read the post. "Give them space and leave young wildlife alone."

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Rocky Mountain National Park recommends staying at least 75 feet away from elk and at least 120 feet away from moose. Learn more about dangerous Colorado wildlife in the gallery below.

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