Saint Patrick's Day is coming up on March 17th. It's a day when everyone in Colorado can feel a little Irish. This is usually taken care of by wearing green on Saint Patrick's Day, and maybe heading out after work for a pint of green beer and some corned beef and cabbage.

As far back as the 1850s, 1 in 2 immigrants in America claimed Irish heritage. The Irish came west with talk of gold and silver and ended up settling in several communities in and around the Rocky Mountains. In 2023, which cities and towns in Colorado have the most number of Irish residents? Let's take a look.

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Irish Immigrants in Colorado

Irish miners gathered in Leadville, Colorado for the silver boom. It's likely that Leadville, Colorado would have had the most Irish per capita between the midwest and the Pacific coast. Irish such as Oscar Wilde, Michael Davet, and John Sullivan led the way for others who followed into the Centennial State.

Colorado's Most Irish Towns

Using census data, the website has ranked the cities in Colorado with the most Irish residents. There are two very small towns in Colorado that report 100% of residents are of Irish descent. See all ten of Colorado's most Irish communities in the photo gallery below and find out where they are located.

Colorado's Irish Front Range

With so many Irish coming to Colorado during the gold and silver booms, it's not surprising that many of these mostly Irish communities are located on Colorado's front range. There is one community on Colorado's western slope that makes it into the top ten. 70% of the residents in Maybell, Colorado (Moffat county) claim Irish heritage. The town is not far from Colorado's own 'Irish Canyon'

Scroll on to see the towns in Colorado with the most Irish residents.

The Most Irish Towns in Colorado

Have you ever wondered which Colorado communities include the most Irish residents? Get ready to kiss the blarney stone for St. Patricks Day, cause we're about to visit the towns with the largest percentage of Irish residents in Colorado.

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